Love Your Home and Garden FAQ’s

love your home and garden - itv group photo
Katie, Ewald, Alan, Kunle and George

Love Your Home and Garden – Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions about filming the Love Your Home and Garden television show and thought it would be a good idea to share some info in this blog about what it is like to work on the show and about how the builds are put together.

Is Alan Titchmarsh nice?

That’s a big fat resounding yes. We know that’s a boring answer and you’d probably like us to dish a bit of gossip, but he is genuinely a very nice man. One of the things that struck us when we first started working with him was his work ethic. When we are on site he is probably the person putting in the most effort, he’s across the garden and the house build and is genuinely on his hands and knees doing a lot of the planting, which is probably his secret to still only looking 85 (hah ha, only joking Alan).

He also really cares about the families that we are designing for. He will often be checking in with us on site to make sure our designs are best suited to the family and has sometimes asked for adjustments if he hasn’t agreed. Equally, he also allows all the team a lot of space to do what we do best and puts a lot of trust in us all.

He’s an amazing role model for the presenting side of things and has been very supportive of us both. When he’s filming, it is definitely a case of watch and learn and he has an amazing skill of distilling and communicating a lot of information all in one take, and sometimes at the end of an extremely long day.

How long do the builds take?

The length of the builds is very challenging for everyone involved and usually take about half the time they would normally take out in the real world and usually average about 6 weeks. This is achieved by two means, one, a lot of resources are thrown at it and, two, risks are taken with overlapping certain parts of the build.

Glazing is usually the classic item that holds up the length of a build project as many leading suppliers of sliding and folding doors can take up to 12 weeks to produce from the point of survey. On a typical build the point of survey is usually a few weeks into the build, as structural openings need to be ready and formed for the glazing company to come and measure. The last thing we want is them not fitting when they arrive on site and we’ve all seen the Grand Designs episodes when this goes horribly wrong!

The build team on Love Your Home and Garden gets around this by ordering the glazing right at the start of the build and instead of waiting for the structural opening to be formed, build the opening to suit the window order. This inevitably comes with an element of risk and requires real precision, which is why Kunle’s nerves look very genuine on camera when the glazing arrives for each project!

ewald van der straeten alan titchmarsh love your home and garden itv filming renovation
Building the opening AFTER we have ordered the windows

Do you both wear make up on camera?

No, but that’s only because we aren’t offered. With some of those extreme close-ups we’d love to have some make-up! We will put it in the suggestion box for future episodes.

Do you actually design the projects?

A lot of people think we don’t have anything to do with the designs and turn up to present. What actually makes the show very unique and genuine is that we do produce the designs. It is to a very tight timeframe, ITV like to keep us on our toes and not sign off new projects until we have about 4 weeks to start the build. This means we have to be smart and not design with something that requires and order time of months!

It also means we have to relinquish the level of control we might usually have with one of our private projects in order to be able to meet the timelines.

Designing, with the added pressure of a camera in your face!

Do you follow regulations?

Yes, and this is also a challenging factor when working with the tight timelines. For Planning, we always ensure the designs fall with Permitted Development to rule out the need for making a planning application. We will also always have other consultants on board, including a structural engineer and a Building Control Approved Inspector

Do you have a stylist for what you wear on camera?

Ha ha, we have NEVER been asked this question. Could somebody ask us this please?

All hands on deck, close to the deadline.

Who pays for the build?

The entire build is paid for by ITV, including relocation for the families. We are given a budget to work to and it is really helped by supplier companies who rally to the cause and provide their products for free.

We’ve been amazed by how kind and generous some of the supplier companies are, who are willing to come to site and dedicate their time to helping with installation. It makes for a really amazing vibe on the construction site, as everyone really wants to do their best for the families.

Is Ewald really that tall or is he wearing platforms?


lyhswindon -61
The most satisfying part of the job, seeing the family on reveal day.
george and ewald love your home and garden-7
Filming on site in a small space.

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  1. We absolutely love this program, we are avid viewers…. in this harsh world its delightful to see kindness and love poured into a project that will henance the quality of remaining life for very poorly people. We love our garden so much and really feel the therapeutic value of nature. Bless you all xxxxxx


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